Young cancer survivor teams with Stop & Shop to donate stuffed toys to pediatric patients

14 Dec. 2021, 3:48 hours Updated 3 hours ago

By: News 12 Staff

A 6-year-old girl from Larchmont received hundreds of gifts on Monday, but she doesn’t keep them to herself.

Cassidy Kline, who is already a stage 4 cancer survivor, started Cassidy’s nonprofit Cuddles. Cassidy defeated a rare muscle and tissue disease.

She collects and donates care packages to children with life-threatening illnesses, just as she had done.

“When I (had) cancer, a lot of people gave me toys, so I want to give a lot of people toys to feel better,” Cassidy says.

Stop & Shop delivered more than 300 teddy bears to its mission on Monday.

Over the next two days, the stuffed animals will go to pediatric patients in two city hospitals.

The Klines estimate that they have donated up to 1,500 toys in just a year and a half.

Those who want to help Cassidy’s mission can donate here.

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