Worcester dad runs 5k everyday for a year after daughter’s cancer battle

A dad who wanted to run 5k every day for a year has just completed his mission on the three-year birthday of his daughter, Jessica, who came out of the hospital after her battle with cancer.

During the pandemic, Adam Dovey started running, initially to stay active, but then he decided to set himself the enormous challenge of running 5km every day for a year for a good cause.

This meant running in the rain, in the snow, last summer’s heat, and even on Christmas Day.

He ran the last 3 miles on Sunday with Jessica by his side and was met by friends and family who cheered him on as he reached the end of the colossal task.

He has raised £ 2,141 for Children with Cancer UK after his daughter was diagnosed with the disease at the age of just three.

He said: “ As a family, we’ve been through what no family should go through, watching our little girl go through a four-hour procedure to remove a tumor and kidney, only to be told that she’s basically in phase three. was at high risk and would need radiotherapy and chemotherapy to combat this terrible disease.

“We saw our little girl lose her hair, get thin and have to lose a year of her childhood to cancer, but thanks to the support of friends and family and the doctors, Jessica is doing great.

“I decided to embark on this journey because it is frustrating enough that childhood cancer does not receive much money. We want to give back everything we can to the teams that have made Jessica’s treatment possible and the charities that are researching the drugs that enable children. to lead a happy life.

“Our vision is a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can usher in the end of cancer treatment.”

Jessica Dovey was diagnosed with a rare Wilms tumor in June 2017, after abdominal pain, decreased appetite and unusual fatigue.

Her mother Becky Dovey from Sentinel Close, in St. John’s, Worcester, described it as “the worst time of her life.”

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