Wish List: Single mother battling cancer needs beds and furniture for children | Wishlist

Lewis and her children need two single beds and other furniture for their apartment. What little furniture the family has is old and worn, and Lewis said she was often embarrassed to have visitors.

“This is all I can get, because it’s all I can afford, and beggars can’t choose,” she said. “Ultimately, it would mean everything to me and my kids to have nice furniture so they can have company, or if someone wants to come over and see me. Right now I don’t even put myself out there because I’m self-conscious about it.” am.”

Lewis said she saved and worked to get new furniture, but it was hard to get the money together with everything else that was going on.

“I’m doing my best but I still feel like something is pulling me back. It’s always something else that comes up,” said Lewis. “When I’m not at work and not at home, I’m in the hospital. Right now my health is at a low ebb, because I have to work and I don’t have a support system, so when I’m not working (my kids), eat then not.”

Lewis tries to keep as much information about her health and financial problems as possible for her children because “children are supposed to be children,” she said. She currently has four children at home, and one she helps support who lives with his father.

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