What’s Going Around: COVID-19, colds, strep throat, hand, foot and mouth

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Doctors Roseville Pediatrics reports many viral colds, COVID-19, bronchiolitis, asthma exacerbations, strep throat, enterovirus, and vomiting and diarrhea.

dr. Joan Thode gave the following advice this week:

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“Unfortunately, you can’t tell the difference between COVID-19 and the common cold based on symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms in children can vary widely, including runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, fatigue, body aches and headaches. Many viral diseases also include these symptoms. The only definitive way to diagnose COVID-19 is through a nasal swab.

Testing is still most accurate two to four days after the onset of symptoms, but it’s important to get a child to a doctor as soon as possible if there are signs of respiratory distress or increased work of breathing.”

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The CVS MinuteClinic in York saw viral infections of the upper respiratory tract and sinuses in addition to administering flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

This week, Penn State Health pediatricians are seeing patients with COVID-19, croup, viral upper respiratory infections, and hand, foot, and mouth disease.

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This week, UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics in York and Spring Grove continues to see strep throat, as well as viral illnesses, including RSV, upper respiratory infections, and the flu. Flu and strep throat are very contagious. They recommend that children do not attend school for at least one or two days after the fever has completely disappeared.

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