Western Colorado Pediatrics Associates donates check to own program

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO) – The Western Colorado Pediatrics Associates (WCPA) donated a check for $7,500 on Wednesday.

The donation was made because the company was able to complete 1,500 welfare checks between July 14 and August 9.

With each child check, the company gets $5 from the recipient’s account that goes to this check.

The check is for a program the company offers called Kids Aid Backpack.

Kids Aid Backpack helps struggling children with food for the weekend.

The program runs across District 51 (D51) schools in the Grand Valley throughout the school year.

“We will be able to help many children this school year thanks to the generous efforts of Western Colorado Pediatric Associates. Thanks to this grant, 1500 children will be able to feed 1500 children after checking the well,” said Alisha Wenger, Executive Director of Kids Aid.

Wenger also mentions that kids get balanced food during school days, but the Kids Aid Backpack program allows kids to get food on weekends.

“I’m proud of the partnerships the school district in MEsa County has made to help important cases like this one. Knowing that 1,500 more children will come to school with full bellies is a victory for our children and our schools,” said Dr. Diana Sirko, D51 Superintendent.

It is WCPA’s first time donating a check to the Kids Aid Backpack program and they hope to do so again.

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