West Seattle Blog… | West Seattle woman running New York City Marathon to help save kids’ lives

maybe you saw it Alisha Timm running outside in her orange shirt. She is in training for this year New York Marathon, only a week and a half away, and wants to explain why:

Hi! My name is Alisha Timm and I’m a proud five-year-old resident of West Seattle – I’m also the girl running around in the orange ‘Imagine a World Without Cancer’ shirt. It was so much fun running through all the neighborhoods in West Seattle and falling in love with this beautiful community even more
Growing up, I played league football and ran cross country, but after a terrible knee injury and a horrific car accident, I was told not to run anymore. Well, twelve half marathons later, I’m training for my first marathon, the 50th New York City Marathon. After being postponed last year, it will officially take place on November 7 this year.

When I started pursuing the goal of completing the NYC Marathon, it was a tick off the bucket list for me – but I couldn’t put myself in a place where I couldn’t imagine not taking the chance to raise awareness. enlarge and do good for something greater than myself. Participate Fred’s team was a no-brainer for me as every person in this world has been affected by cancer; raising awareness and funding research is critical to driving change. Fred’s Team is affiliated with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY, the largest and oldest private cancer center in the world. As part of the team, you can select whether you want to contribute to a particular cancer – I went with the childhood.

Childhood Cancer Awareness was my choice for several reasons but most importantly these kids have their whole life ahead of them and start this unfathomable battle, I can’t even imagine being the kid or family in that situation . Below are some stats that really surprised me when I started digging:

– #1 cause of death in children
-Only 4% of annual research dollars goes to childhood cancer
-95% of survivors have significant health problems due to treatment options
-43 children a day in the US are diagnosed with cancer

Statistics are based on US only; imagine adding the rest of the world.

Should you decide to learn more, my page is here.

Thank you for your interest in reading about this, it means a lot and is such a big part of my life!

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