Valley Foundations raise $20K through ‘The Unbreakable Challenge’

The David R. Sellers Foundation – 501(c)3 arm of LGE Design Build – partners with the Scott Keppel Foundation to raise $20,000 for its mission to help people affected by cancer, obesity, domestic violence and /or help local animal shelters.

The fundraising campaign titled “The Unbreakable Challenge” brought people together through a community strength training session, while educating participants about the importance of physical fitness and holistic health, according to a press release.

“With The Unbreakable Challenge, we wanted to show that we can come together as a community and that we are unbreakable, especially in light of the pandemic that has left so many people feeling isolated and lost,” Keppel said in a prepared statement.

“With the launch of our own 501(c)3 (The Keppel Foundation), we plan to host events around each of our four pillars: pets, abused women, cancer and obesity.”

Keppel is the owner of Scott’s Training Systems, a team of fitness and nutrition coaches based in Chandler, the release said.

“Our Foundation has had a relationship with Scott Keppel and STS for many years and we were delighted to double the $10,000 they raised with an additional $10,000 from LGE Design Build,” said Carrie Masters, director of the David R. Sellers Foundation, in a prepared statement.

“Not only does STS provide in-person training to many of LGE employees, but Scott and his team have been staunch supporters of our many fundraising efforts over the years.”

Founded in 2014, the David R. Sellers Foundation has funded more than 60 organizations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Keppel Foundation is a local non-profit organization that uses its resources to host events to bring the community together while raising awareness of important causes.

Please contact Scott Keppel at for more information, the release noted.

Similarly, the David R. Sellers Foundation is a local non-profit that was established in December 2014 for LGE Design Build to give back to the community with an interest in local non-profits that focus on the “improvement of the underprivileged and cancer-driven affected children.”

While the organization is committed to ending the cycle of youth homelessness in local communities, the organization contributes to every endearing nonprofit, the release added.


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