Valley 9-year-old battles cancer for third time

Nine-year-old Luke Ozga is now battling a rare cancer for the third time in two years.

“The third time is the charm. That’s what we keep telling each other, the third time is the charm. May this save him,” said Heather Ozga, Luke’s mother.

Luke has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and even a bone marrow transplant in his battle against the life-threatening disease, Non-Hodgkin’s T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.

The Ozga family desperately needs financial help to get Luke to Texas Children’s Hospital, where he hopes to undergo Car-T Cell Therapy, an experimental clinical trial that could finally end this boy’s battle with cancer.

His chances are diminishing, but there’s one cure that could be his last chance to be a kid again and beat this thing for good.

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— Nicole Valdes (@NicoleValdesTV) August 21, 2021

“They take either his cells or his brothers’ cells and they make them again,” Ozga said. “So, they’re actually building armor around them to fight the cancer.”

The Ozga family has teamed up with local nonprofit the Armer Foundation to raise money for treatment and travel across state lines. The Foundation will donate 100% of all money to the Ozga family and their journey to Luke’s express treatment.

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