Trade-In Games And Consoles With Qisahn To Benefit Children’s Cancer Foundation

“To celebrate Children’s Day, we want to help children in need.” This is the simple motivation behind qisahn‘s donation campaign. For a holiday reminiscent of images of happy faces and radiant smiles, what could be more appropriate?

From today until October 15, 2021, customers can trade in their video games and consoles, whether used, working or broken, to participate in the charity. Qisahn donates the total trade-in value of all video games and consoles they receive to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.


📣 Calling all gamers to participate in making an impact 📣🎯 To celebrate Singapore Children Day, we are opening a charity…

Posted by Qisahn on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The idea of ​​raising money by collecting broken and damaged video games and consoles is motivated by the number of people who find these things worthless. Instead of all those video games and consoles going straight to waste, Qisahn will house them so backers can do good with items that seem worthless at first glance.

The list of video games and consoles that Qisahn accepts can be found here (for video games) and here (for consoles).

For clarification, Qisahn will receive the video games and consoles from donors and donate the trade-in value listed in the above listings to Children’s Cancer Foundation. They too believe in fully supporting cancer-affected children by providing them with what they need. Should Qisahn be able to raise even more by selling the donated consoles for a higher price, they will also donate the extra amount to Children’s Cancer Foundation.

This continues Qisahn’s streak of giving back to society as a way to do their part in these difficult and uncertain times. Last year, the company donated S$25,000 to the Children’s Society after it unexpectedly became more profitable during the pandemic.

What better way to celebrate Children’s Day by giving more children opportunities to laugh and give moments of joy?

Join the donation campaign and bring your used video games and consoles to the Qisahn store, or contact them at +65 31593099, on Facebook or by email at [email protected] to arrange a pick-up service at your convenience. This initiative runs from now to October 15, 2021, and Qisahn will announce the total donation amount the next day.

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