Toddlers Who Bonded While Battling Cancer Are Reunited in a Display of True Love

Two beautiful souls happened to meet in the most unlikely of places. Even though they were sick, they danced and played with devotion, showing everyone that illness doesn’t limit you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Mack Porter is a 3-year-old diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL, a type of childhood cancer. Meanwhile, Payson Altice, also 3 years old, became ill with another form of childhood cancer: B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Finally their wish came true.

While the idea of ​​cancer is especially frightening for parents and the children themselves, the childish aura of these two shines beyond the darkness of this reality. This is especially true when they are together.

The two adorable toddlers first met at Phoenix Children’s Hospital earlier this year. Although areas such as the playroom were closed due to COVID-19, Mack’s mother, Danielle Porter, discovered the other toddler who was staying in the hospital.

The mother asked the hospital if the two could meet, and the rest was history, as Mack and Payson instantly got along. However, once they were out of the medical center and in remission, they lived far apart and couldn’t see each other in person.

Both determined to maintain their special friendship, the duo would communicate via Facetime. It was clear that the soulmates really wanted to be reunited.


Finally, their wish came true on July 21, 2021, when the two saw each other in person again after being separated for two months. Danielle said that before the playdate, her son spent his time planning what the two were going to do, keeping in mind what he thought his special companion would like.

The little boy bought her a bouquet when they met, and they both gave each other a sweet hug. The couple’s play date consisted of playing and dancing together.

After the wonderful reunion, Danielle noted how Mack and Payson experienced a sense of normalcy. With everything they’ve been through, the mom said she was just so happy that they could just be kids that day.

Tracey, Payson’s mom, said these two and kids are great examples of dealing with hardship. The mother said people should look to children to show them how to navigate through difficult times.

The duo is indeed an inspiration to adults and children alike. Through their playfulness and friendship, these show the world that connecting with our fellow human beings is an authentic and genuinely helpful way to find strength and light in dark times in our lives.

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