Thrive Alabama opens a new facility for pediatric care

A one stop shop for families with pediatric needs. That’s how health officials describe a much-needed space for pediatric care here in Huntsville.

Thrive Alabama saw a great need to reach the next level of pediatric care by opening a major new location to service families in need of more than just health-related services.

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The ribbon cutting for the facility marks a new beginning in pediatric care for children and their families.

The lack of pediatric specialty services for families who primarily have Medicaid as their primary source of payment was noted, and Thrive Alabama says families who lacked services, especially during the pandemic, will now be able to get what they need.

“As a qualified health center, we can provide a number of resources and benefits that mainstream physician practices cannot provide.” said Mary Elizabeth Marr, CEO of Thrive Alabama.

News also broke that Thrive Alabama’s pediatric center will provide families with not only their children’s medical needs, but also services such as transportation, a language translator if needed, food and case management services.

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“If a family doesn’t have the money to contribute, we’re not going to send them away,” Marr continued. “We will still be able to see them and take care of their families’ needs.”

Marr says the new facility will not offer the COVID-19 vaccination for children, but that will be coming soon. She says they will continue to operate Crestwood Pediatric Center for the next two years until a new facility is built in downtown Huntsville.

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