This 11-year-old cancer warrior is raising funds for other kids like her

An 11-year-old braveheart from Mumbai makes and sells soaps online to help other children fight cancer. Nia Nariman, who fights lymphoblastic leukemia, is aiming to raise an amount of Rs 10 lakh on Give India for cancer treatment for underprivileged children.

Express Parenting contacted Zia Nariman, Nia’s mother and companion, who commented, “If I had to describe her in one word, it would be compassionate. She has always been a curious child. Her love for animals and her desire to do something new during the pandemic inspired her to start her soap making business.”

Nia started making her cute, colorful soaps during the lockdown and sold them to raise money for the Mumbai-based NGO Welfare of Stray Dogs.

Nia’s initiative is a testament to the sheer courage and determination shown at a young age. When Express Parenting contacted Zia, the mother-daughter duo was in the hospital for a round of Nia’s chemotherapy. The single mother confessed, “My mother, Nia’s grandmother, has been my mainstay.”

She added: “My daughter continues to do the best she can with her soap making, studies and school. She is a lively child, always curious about new things, always learning something unique. She skateboards, snowboards, sings and loves also of art.”

Nia was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June 2021. Since then, all proceeds from her business have been donated to the treatment of cancer survivors with the help of an NGO, CanKids KidsCan. According to her mother, “She has sold more than 400 soaps and hopes to continue to do her part to spread awareness about the disease.”

A bar of soap costs between Rs 100-150 and weighs between 90-100 grams. Nia has also created “paw butter,” a moisturizer for dogs to “keep their muzzles and paws smooth and shiny.” Made from natural and dog-friendly ingredients, the varieties include British tea rose, lemon zest, charcoal coffee, aloe and neem, peppermint and charcoal, watermelon, frangipani and many more. She also offers customization on orders.

Incidentally, India is home to about 20 percent of all childhood cancers in the world. According to the WHO, about 75,000 children get cancer in India every year. Unlike adults, the vast majority of childhood cancers have no known cause, such as environmental exposure or lifestyle factors.

Previously, CanKids KidsCan held International Children’s Cancer Day on February 15, 2021 and helped 1,116 children share letters with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, urging the formation of a national childhood cancer policy.

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