Texoma pediatrician says take your kids to festivals

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – Festival season is upon us, and a Texoma doctor advises parents to let their children enjoy the festivities.

Joseph Lipscomb has been a pediatrician with the Texoma Physicians Group in Sherman for the past 17 years and said children should be able to enjoy what’s to come in Texoma.

Lipscomb said he wants the community to come together to fight against the disease and not let it control us.

Lipscomb said masks are important, but as events take place outdoors and covid numbers are declining, masks don’t need to be worn.

“But we have taken these preventive measures and have been trying to contain this pandemic for a while, but we have caused a lot of anxiety and stress in our children and I think these are fun events if we can keep them out and keep them safe from our kids, I’d be fine with them doing that to their kids,” Lipscomb said.

Lipscomb said if you are sick or around the elderly, you should mask yourself to help protect others.

Lipscomb said if you have a question about your kids being vaccinated, you can talk to your doctor or their pediatrician for a more one-on-one understanding.

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