School Gives To Pediatric Ward

The children of TEMIS, as an initiative of the School Parent Group TEMIS, have been encouraged to share the love and joy of giving this Christmas, especially with the children in hospital who cannot spend the holidays with the rest of their loved ones at home.

Just before Christmas, Friends of POMGEN, in collaboration with PMGH employees, distributed the gifts to all five children’s departments of PMGH.

TEMIS Parent Group Chair Melissa Belford and Vice Chair Jane Grasso expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the TEMIS families who contributed to make this initiative possible and thanked Friends of POMGEN for their support in arranging the donation to the hospital.

sr. Saira Mokhe, the manager of the children’s department of PMGH, when handing out the gifts to the children in the children’s departments, expressed her appreciation to the TEMIS committee and the parents for doing something to put a smile on the to conjure up the children’s faces.

This year and the year before so many have been left isolated and many more have experienced the misfortune of losing loved ones and as we remember them in our prayers and gestures of kindness we are reminded of the real challenges most families face as a result. of COVID and more.

It is thanks to initiatives like those of these parents and students who bring hope to all who need it most and as always an act of kindness speaks and breathes volumes of joy into the lives of those who are limited by their circumstances.

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