San Marcos hospital network expands major pediatric and maternal services

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN)—Christ Santa Rosa extends his services to San Marcos in conjunction with the sister hospital in San Antonio.

In addition, if patients cannot be treated at Christ Santa Rosa-San Marcos, they can now contact pediatric emergency departments and other specialist physicians of the San Antonio location via telemedicine.

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This is expected to have a major impact on mothers and children in Hays County and in Central Texas.

It’s hard for Mindy Torres to watch her daughter, Arianna, struggle to recover after getting a new kidney. They have had to leave San Marcos to give her the care she needs.

“It’s been in and out of the hospital every month for about seven months,” Torres said.

Like most parents, Torres simply wants the best for her children. It’s stressful when she and her husband can’t get medical care from Arianna quickly in the event of an emergency.

“To Austin… and then to San Antonio. It’s like ‘AH,’ said Torres.

More direct access to specific care for mothers and children is just one reason the Christ Santa Rosa Hospitals have worked to expand services to San Marcos.

“The expansion of services ensures that everything we do here has a children’s component,” said Thomas McKinney, president of Christ Santa Rosa.

“Our doctor will be able to connect directly with the caregivers at the children’s hospital, and that continuity of care will be there,” McKinney said.

San Marcos Hospital has also upgraded equipment and created a more kid-friendly environment for diagnostic tests. They will add more resources to transport expectant mothers and children as needed. This is all in line with what is being done at the San Antonio Hospital.

“Now that I know this, this is really good,” Torres said.

While the COVID-19 did have an impact on the expansion of services that took place before, McKinney said it has always been a goal to ensure that care is consistent across the board across the hospital system.

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