Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation Supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in Funding High-Impact Childhood Cancer Research

Wynnewood, PA – Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, a pediatric cancer foundation based in Columbus, Nebraska, has donated $200,000 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to help fund two groundbreaking research projects: $100,000 to Dr. Yael Mossé of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and $100,000 to Dr. Mariella Filbin of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation and ALSF share a vision of funding high-impact research to find treatments for difficult-to-treat childhood cancers.

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation was founded by Erin and Chris Nahorny after their son Sammy was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2012. What started as a fundraiser selling t-shirts quickly grew into a fundraising movement in their community. At the end of that first year, Sammy’s Superheroes raised $40,000. The Nahornys were devastated to learn that only 4% of federal cancer research goes to children. In early 2013, they kicked into high gear and officially launched their nonprofit, and have been funding groundbreaking research projects ever since.

“Together we are better and so we are excited to partner with Alex’ Lemonade Stand Foundation on a shared mission to cure childhood cancer. We believe this partnership helps maximize the dollar donated. With the guidance of ALSF’s Scientific Advisory Board, we can spend money on research teams that know no bounds when it comes to impact on curing disease,” said Dr. Michelle Sell, a member of the Board of Directors of Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation.

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation funds Dr. Mossé’s Crazy 8 Award, entitled Targeting MYCN. The goal of Dr. Mossé is to develop targeted drugs within the next four years for MYCN, a currently “non-drug” driver of childhood cancer. dr. Mossé brought together a team of complementary researchers, each with unique experience to attack MYCN with innovative new technologies. Together they will prove that the drugs they are developing are effective against most of the deadly childhood cancers and will be ready to start a clinical trial shortly after the grant closes in spring 2025.

Sammy’s Superheroes is also funding Dr. Mariella Filbin, entitled Exploiting the Differentiation Potential of Pediatric High-Grade Glioma to Discover Novel Therapeutic Opportunities. dr. Filbin and her team use a method called CRISPR gene editing to knock out specific genes they’ve identified as potential antagonists of the developmental programs in both brainstem and hemispheric high-grade gliomas. The plan of Dr. Filbin is to identify new targets for the development of high-value glioma drugs and to lay the groundwork for new treatment strategies for this deadly disease.

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About Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation was founded after Sam (“Sammy”) Nahorny was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four. To support him in his struggle, the Nahornys and three of their close friends created the Foundation in honor of Sammy and other children battling childhood cancer. The mission of Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation is to raise awareness and fund life-saving research for all types of childhood cancer.

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About Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex’ Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) grew out of the lemonade stand in the front yard of cancer patient Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996-2004). In 2000, 4-year-old Alex announced that she wanted to run a lemonade stand to raise money to find a cure for all children with cancer. Since Alex made that first stand, the Foundation that bears her name has grown into a national fundraising movement, complete with thousands of supporters across the country continuing her legacy of hope. To date, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 charity, has raised more than $200 million to fulfill Alex’s dream of finding a cure by funding more than 1,000 childhood cancer research projects nationally.

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