Richmond students fundraise for kids fighting cancer

A 6th and 7th grade learns financial literacy through a collaborative classroom project

A class in Richmond is organizing a fundraiser to help children battling cancer while learning about financial literacy in the classroom.

A class 6/7 split class at Henry Anderson Elementary sells a variety of handmade crafts to raise money for the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation.

The money will be used to buy pajamas for families in the oncology wards at Children’s Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Julie Wilson, a teacher at Henry Anderson Elementary School, said her students raised $403 of their $2,000 goal by selling fair-trade items from Africa that were donated to their school for charity.

However, they most likely won’t be able to meet their target by their Nov. 26 deadline, Wilson said.

“It’s a fun experience and it’s nice when they (the students) achieve their goal, but right now it’s about learning about problem-solving skills and how money works.”

She added that financial literacy is on the curriculum, but nothing beats learning with hands-on experience.

Wilson’s students were divided into three groups — marketing, finance, and order fulfillment — and assigned the task based on their groups.

To keep their classmates and the community safe, the students also created an online order form for their fundraiser instead of hosting an in-person booth.

“It’s great to see the knowledge development in them. They learn to help others … think about each other’s safety, while learning how the money aspect works,” Wilson said.

“They even suggested using a testing system by having their parents be their first customers to see if their ordering system works, and I’m surprised to see them put all this together.”

Meanwhile, Wilson told the Richmond News she won’t let the hard work of her students go to waste.

“At the same time, I launched my own personal winter fundraiser with lots of handmade merchandise for the holiday season, and ever since I got this website up and running, I thought I would give my students a helping hand,” she said.

Wilson has uploaded her students’ order form and a list of items they sell in a separate section to her fundraiser page, which will be available through December 11.

“I hope my students raise more money than I do. It’s for a good cause and I’m super proud of what they’ve accomplished so far.

For more information and the list of fundraisers, visit

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