Push under way to get vaccine into more pediatrician’s offices

DENVER (KDVR) – The Pfizer vaccine could be available as early as Wednesday for children 12 and older. That’s when a CDC advisory committee will vote.

Once approved, vaccination clinics and pharmacies can administer the vaccine to those younger children.

There is also a push to make the vaccine available in more pediatric practices.

“We want more pediatricians to take it,” Gov. Jared Polis said at a news conference on Tuesday.

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Polis says many pediatricians associated with major hospital chains already have access to the vaccine, but he wants others to get it too. He schedules a call with doctors to encourage this.

“Every pediatrician should offer it to every person 12 and older when they come in for a check-up or some other reason, and I think we’ll probably be there in a few weeks,” Polis said.

Tri-County Health Department tells the problem solvers that the only pediatricians who can redistribute the vaccine must already be registered with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment as an approved COVID-19 vaccine supplier. That process can take time and training.

Some doctors are concerned about storage and quantities. However, Tri-County Health says they can take apart the big tubs of vaccine and disperse smaller amounts. To make this work, Greenwood Pediatrics in Centennial purchased an ultra-cold freezer, and doctors plan to stock and share the vaccine along with other pediatricians’ offices.

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“We work with pediatric emergency care. We partner with other pediatric practices. We bought an ultra-low freezer so we can store a quantity and share it with other practices, ”said Dr. Dan Feiten, president of Greenwood Pediatrics.

Facts says there are numerous benefits.

He points out that many of the younger children are afraid of needles.

“Remember, 12-15 year olds are much more prone to fainting,” Feiten said. “So it might be a better option to get it into your doctor’s office, who ‘A’ knows about you, and ‘B’ might have an examination table that you can lie down on,” he said.

Greenwood Pediatrics holds a vaccination clinic on Sundays. Registration and appointments are mandatory.

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