Project Santa: Skiatook man determined to stay positive through cancer diagnosis | Latest Headlines

Even with the worries about what that kind of future might hold, be it financial, professional or personal, Cokeley is determined to stay positive.

His wife, Kellie, and his children, Morgan, Corbin, Carsyn and Riley, force him to want to make the most of his life.

His family was the reason he went to Tulsa Tech in the first place, to give them a better life, and he’s not giving up on that goal.

“They motivate me through pretty much everything,” Cokeley said. “It’s so easy to get lost or out of control, but I look at them and I say, ‘I have to do it. The fight is on them too. I have to fight to be there longer.’ ”

Cokeley’s experiences with both COVID-19 and multiple myeloma have also changed his outlook on life itself. The biggest problems he had in the past was worrying about things he had no control over.

But even if life gives you a curveball, Cokeley said, you have to take life one step at a time.

“It’s too damn easy to give up, put your hands in the air and let everything go; there’s no challenge in that,” Cokeley said. “It’s hard for anyone to be positive in some situations, but you just have to stick to it. That’s how my outlook will be from now on.”

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