President of French anti-cancer league steps down due to cancer

The chairman of the French anti-cancer group La Ligue nationale contre le cancer has announced that he is stepping down because he himself fights cancer.

In a statement released by the group on May 11, 76-year-old physician and geneticist Professor Axel Kahn confirmed that he was stepping down because of cancer that had “recently become more aggressive.”

And in a moving and passionate interview with France Inter on Monday May 17, he said, “It is likely that I am on the last journey of my life. My illness became public when it could no longer be kept quiet. I’m fighting cancer, and it turns out it’s caught up with me. I also have cancer.

“I am now going to fight two battles: a personal battle, which I am going to fight alone; an honorable fight against my illness. And then, since I only have a little bit of time left, I’ll try to do as much as I can with the time I have left.

“What is happiness? It is the moment when you experience what you hoped to experience. Where there is a match between how your life feels and how you hoped it would feel.”

. @ axelkahn president @laliguecancer: “What is happiness? This is when you experience what you hoped to experience. I was intensely happy” # le79Inter

– France Inter (@franceinter) May 17, 2021

Dead or not dead, I have been intensely happy. And the relationship between me and my children was wonderful. Between me and my partner, with whom I have lived so long, the way she looked at me lovingly, the way she did that. been next to me. It was beautiful. “

Professor Kahn called on the anti-cancer group to continue the fight against the disease and said, “Help me, continue the fight, I am counting on you.

“This is a very important time in my life. I have often said that people are what they do. Let’s say I have three or four weeks left, then the choice of what I do and how I do it is more important than ever. “

Professor Kahn spoke of “death” as an “old friend” after decades of practicing medicine, saying, “You only live it once, and then you die. I’m alive. I don’t hop on [but] I love life. I no longer live in panic [of death] one of both.”

He said he wanted to stay in his position as president, but had stepped down when he “had no choice”.

He added that he would continue to work with La Ligue as much as possible and that a new president would be appointed within weeks.

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