PGH says pediatric COVID cases ‘getting sicker’ as hospital nears full capacity

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 4) — Children admitted to the Philippine General Hospital because of COVID-19 are now getting sicker, the spokesperson announced on Wednesday.

PGH spokesperson Jonas del Rosario told The Source of CNN Philippines that seven of the eight beds allocated for pediatric COVID-19 patients are already occupied.

He said three of the patients were intubated, while “the rest need oxygen.”

“We’ve admitted pediatric COVID-19 cases in the past,” Del Rosario said. “It just seems to us that they are sicker now.”

“When we mean sicker, most have severe pneumonia and need to be intubated,” he explained, adding that some cases have underlying comorbidities and are more vulnerable to the virus.

The PGH also struggles with rising COVID-19 cases as the adult intensive care unit has already reached almost 90% capacity, with only five or six buffer beds remaining which are not enough for inpatient moderate cases and other patients who are waiting to be treated. accommodated.

“There are still waiting to be admitted (from other hospitals), there are about five,” Del Rosario noted. “For others still at home, nearly 10 are critically ill who need to be admitted to PGH’s ICU.”

[Translation: For those who are waiting to be admitted, five have been listed. But there are others at home, close to 10 of them who are severely ill, also need to be admitted to the ICU setup of PGH.]

dr. Benjamin Campomanes, chief medical officer and vice president of St. Luke’s Medical Center, said he also sees a “steady increase” in hospital admissions in Quezon City and Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, with most admitted patients unvaccinated or have just had their first dose.

“They are definitely younger,” he said of the patients. “We’re seeing people in their late 30s… to 50s and I would think that would be the unvaccinated or just the first dose.”

“Remember that these are the patients or profile patients who are not in the A1 to A4 group,” he noted.

Campomanes added that in just two weeks, their inpatient COVID-19 patients also increased from 55 to 149, while occupied ICU beds increased from 13 to 27.

St. Luke’s is poised to increase manpower and expand capacity to 50% if the situation worsens from the feared Delta variant, he also said.

Within sectors A1 to A4, the government gives priority to the vaccination of individuals. They are composed of health professionals, seniors, individuals with comorbidities and other essential workers.

No announcement has been made when the other subsequent groups may be vaccinated.

However, the government said it will ramp up its vaccine action for people under A1 to A4 as Metro Manila transitions to the strictest enhanced community quarantine for two weeks from Aug. 6.

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