Pediatrician Pleads Not Guilty to Possession of Child or Youth Pornography

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A pediatrician recently fired by Cedars-Sinai pleaded not guilty to possession of child or youth pornography on Thursday.

Gary David Goulin, 60, was ordered not to practice medicine while the case is pending against him and not to have unsupervised time with children.

Goulin’s attorney, Mark Werksman, told City News Service: “He has provided quality care to his patients throughout his life and devoted himself completely to his practice. These charges have nothing to do with his patients or his medical practice or the hospital where he worked. . We’re going to take the case to court.”

In a statement, Cedars-Sinai announced it “took immediate action and terminated Dr. Goulin’s employment and his employees’ access to Cedars-Sinai’s facilities” after being notified by the Los Angeles Police Department on Nov. 5. had been charged with his arrest and the charges against him .

“We are appalled and disgusted by Dr. Goulin’s alleged crimes,” Cedars-Sinai said. “Cedars-Sinai remains committed to maintaining the integrity of our employees and the organization.”

Goulin was arrested Nov. 4 by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Juvenile Division and released later that day on $200,000 bail, prison records show.

Goulin was charged the following day with one felony of possession of more than 600 images of child or youth pornography, including “10 or more images of a prepubescent minor or a minor who was under the age of 12”, and four offenses of sexual exploitation of a child – charged that he “unlawfully and knowingly developed, duplicated, printed and exchanged any image of information, data and images containing and in any way containing a film and filmstrip, depicting any person under the age of 18 years involved in an act of sexual conduct.”

A date has been set for March 2 for a hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to charge Goulin.

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