Pediatrician answers questions about kids, school and COVID-19

What Are Pediatricians Worried About? How can you get a child used to wearing a mask again? Pediatrician Dr. Cathy Cantor weighs in before returning to class.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — As it’s back-to-school season, we want to make sure your biggest questions about COVID-19 and the classroom are answered.

With mask requirements updated daily, questions about if and when a vaccine will be approved, and local COVID-19 numbers mounting, we spoke with pediatrician and Mercy Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Cathy Cantor to see what we need to know before kids ever walk back through the school doors.

Question One: What is your biggest concern about COVID-19 as we enter the school year?

“Looking across the country and it changes daily, we make sure we take those safety measures. So it masks, makes us wash surfaces, social distancing, that sort of thing,” Cantor said.

Question two: Are you concerned that children under 12 are not vaccinated and are going back to school?

“Initially, we were really concerned about that, but surprisingly we didn’t see any outbreaks in schools last year, when we see big gatherings elsewhere. And I think that’s really a hats off to the school districts,” Cantor said.

Question three: How can I help my child get used to wearing a mask in class again?

“Maybe when we’re on our way to our first day of school, we could try to do some test drives throughout the day by putting the mask on for a shorter amount of time so they can get used to it, rather than having to do it. 8-hour day with the mask,” Cantor said.

Cantor also keeps an eye on the investigation into the approval of vaccines for children under 12.

At this point, she expects to hear from the first studies to be released in September.


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