Pediatrician addresses common mask questions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Suzanne Smith, the chief pediatrician at Wilmington Health, says many parents are confused by the latest CDC mask guidelines.

The most common questions:

How can I protect my child if it has not been vaccinated? Are masks safe for children? Is it worth it for children to wear masks?

Smith said she recommends masking and letting your child wear a mask when going to crowded areas. She adds that it is safe to wear a mask all day long for children and adults.

“Masks have reduced the spread of all kinds of respiratory diseases all winter long,” explains Smith. “We haven’t seen the flu, we haven’t seen RSV, the cold is starting to pick up a bit. But the masks are really very safe and they are effective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19. “

According to Smith, it is safe for children to wear masks at school all day, although she notes that many allow them to wear masks outside anyway.

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