Pediatric vaccines will ‘very likely’ be available 1st or 2nd week of November: Fauci

dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

October 24, 2021, 13:42

• 3 minutes reading

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Vaccines for children will “very likely” be available by the first or second week of November, said White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, Sunday.

“If all goes well and we get regulatory approval and the CDC’s recommendation, it’s very possible, if not very likely, that vaccines will be available for children ages 5 to 11 within the first week or two of November.” ,” Fauci told ABC. “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is nearly 91% effective against symptomatic illness in children ages 5-11, according to new data. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel will meet Tuesday to discuss the approval of the vaccine for children, which is currently only available for ages 12 and older.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made recommendations Thursday evening for both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine boosters for certain populations, paving the way for millions of Americans to receive additional injections. The CDC’s approval followed that of the FDA, which issued it Wednesday.

The CDC also allows mix-and-match booster doses — allowing people to get a different brand of booster than was used for a primary vaccination.

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