Pediatric vaccine numbers extremely low

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) — Just over six percent of children ages five to 11 in Alabama have been vaccinated against COVID-19, ranking nearly last in the nation in a recent report, but vaccines are widely available.

“We have vaccines available in every corner of the state of Alabama,” said Dr. Karen Landers of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

In Lauderdale County, only 4.9 percent of children ages five-11 are vaccinated, in Colbert 4.2.

But Madison County is above the state average at 14.2 percent.

dr. Karen Landers said the solution to getting children vaccinated is simple.

“I think the solution should be for parents to talk to their health care provider, their pediatrician or their GP. This is the person who takes care of your child with other illnesses and for well-child visits and supervises your child’s care,” says Landers.

So we asked all of you at home if your child has been vaccinated or will it be?

According to our Twitter poll on which 68 people voted:

Yes: 27%

No and not planning to: 65%

No, but plan to: 8%

dr. Landers also said equality is not a concern because of vaccine delivery and where they are available.

“We certainly realize that there are communities that may not have a pediatrician, who may not have a primary care physician, but Alabama pharmacies can vaccinate as well,” Landers says.

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