Pediatric expert offers advice on caring for babies during pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The first round of COVID last year seemed to spare very young children and babies, but experts say they are seeing more babies in need of COVID treatment this time around.

Babies are very vulnerable after they are born, which is why doctors say they should be kept away from potential exposure.

The Children’s Hospital in Birmingham has seen more young patients in recent months.

“We have newborns in intensive care,” said Dr. David Kimberlin of the Children’s Hospital.

Because the Delta variant is still new, doctors can’t quantify exactly how much at-risk babies are yet.

“I wish I had a number to say that a baby has a x percent chance of having severe COVID or requiring hospitalization, but we don’t know that information yet,” Kimberlin said.

They do know that pregnant mothers can pass on antibodies to their babies.

“Mothers should receive the COVID vaccine during pregnancy if they have not been vaccinated before,” Kimberlin said.

After the baby is born, Dr. Kimberlin to bring them out in public as often as possible.

“The situation with any newborn baby, you wouldn’t want to bring a baby under a month or two to Walmart or ours in public at all, and I would really advise against that during this pandemic,” Kimberlin said.

It is still incredibly rare for a young child to die from COVID-19.

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