Pediatric ER Physician At Broward Health Coral Springs Offers Tips On Keeping Your Children Safe

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – A pediatric emergency room physician at Broward Health Coral Springs hosted a virtual lecture Wednesday on keeping kids safe in and out of the home.

In her talk “ Meet the Emergency Room at Your Local Children’s Hospital and Learn the Facts About Accident Prevention, ” Dr. Nirit Swerdloff, assistant medical director of the hospital’s pediatric ward, discussed ways to prevent children from suffering from poisoning, burns, drowning and other injuries.

She stressed that as children grow and develop, they have unique needs that require specialized care.

As for poisoning, Dr. Swerdloff said, for example, that children are victims of 68 percent of all poisoning exposures. That’s because, she said: Young children often explore their surroundings and put objects in their mouths.

Children can be poisoned by drinking or swallowing items such as cleaning products, antifreeze, mouthwash, paint, and hand sanitizer.

For these and other products, she urged parents to put safety clasps on them and place them in safe places out of the reach of young children.

If poisoning does occur, she said, call Poison Control at 800-222-1222. Or if a child isn’t breathing, is having seizures, or is unconscious, call 911.

She also emphasized that different types of poisoning require different treatment:

– Skin exposure – remove clothing and flush skin with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes.

– Vapors – take the child outside to get fresh air.

– Ingestion / Ingestion – Spit out the rest, do not make the child vomit or give the child medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Swerdloff encourages parents to be introduced to the pediatric emergency services offered at Broward Health Coral Springs, which has the only children’s ER hospital in western Broward County.

The hospital, she said, has pediatricians, pediatric ER nurses, pediatric waiting room, pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric life specialists and pediatric subspecialists.

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