Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Invites Public to “Name Names” This May During Brain Tumor Awareness Month

ATLANTA and ASHEVILLE, NC, Apr. 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – To humanise the fight against childhood brain tumors, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF, is inviting the public to see the faces and names behind the disease. Using social media, PBTF will include the names, faces and stories of children who are children, despite having been diagnosed with a brain tumor. They will invite other patient families to share their names and stories using the hashtag #NamingNames. Members of the public will be challenged to join the fight by adding their own names as supporters of the nonprofit and become the “face behind the remedy.”

Jessica Blankenship, a childhood brain tumor survivor, said, “Kids don’t have to worry about fighting this deadly disease. They just need to have the chance to be kids.”

In the US, more than 4,600 children aged 0-19 years will be diagnosed with a primary tumor in the brain or central nervous system by 2021. Brain tumors are now the most common cancer in children under 15 years of age. While previous research has pushed the survival rate as high as 74%, with over 100 types of pediatric brain tumors to be cured, much additional research is needed. Current treatments are often ineffective and toxic, leaving children who survive into adulthood with many serious chronic health problems that affect their long-term quality of life.

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to children battling brain cancer and is leading a global movement to provide hope for children with brain tumors to live out their full potential and the public’s urgency. for healing. The PBTF is committed to maximizing the number of life-changing therapies in clinics and is working to turn more scientific discoveries into treatments.

To learn more about the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and to participate in the #NamingNames campaign during Brain Tumor Awareness Month, visit PBTF’s Brain Tumor Awareness Toolkit.

About the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Every day, 13 children and teens are diagnosed with brain tumors, the deadliest form of childhood cancer. Every day after that, they fight for their lives. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is committed to a world without brain tumors in children, where children become children and do not have to fight for a lifetime. A leader in the brain tumor and childhood cancer communities, PBTF’s Mission of Care. To cure. Thrive. reflects his commitment to healing all childhood brain tumors and transforming the way children and their families are cared for. Since 1991, PBTF has provided strategic leadership and funding to accelerate the number of targeted therapies for children battling brain tumors today, while equipping families with the family education, financial assistance, and emotional support needed to guide their child’s journey. Together we can be the reason these families and children have hope. Read more at

SOURCE Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

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