PACS varsity football player organizes fundraiser for children’s cancer research | Education

PULASKI – A senior athlete from the Pulaski Academy and Central School District (PACS) teams up with a PACS alumna to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Owen Isgar, a member of PACS Blue Devils Varsity Football team, is organizing a fundraiser during the Blue Devils home game against Port Byron/Union Springs on Saturday, October 23 at 7:00 PM for Fourth and Gold Inc. Founded by 2006 PACS alumna Erin Tracy, the Florida-based nonprofit funds research to develop new approaches to fight and hopefully eradicate cancer in children.

The PACS senior went through a health crisis in his family earlier this year when his younger brother Memphis, born on Feb. 12, was diagnosed with Ileal atresia. The condition left his bowels disconnected from birth and required months of specialized treatment, regionally and out of state.

“I just wanted to raise awareness for the kids and get help because I know what it’s like to get medical bills that you can’t afford,” he said. “Any amount of awareness for Fourth and Gold would be a dream of mine to give them the help they need.”

Both teams will wear gold socks, as well as fourth and gold stickers on their helmets. Fourth and gold merchandise, including T-shirts and sweatshirts, will be sold during the competition and bracelets will be given to anyone who makes a check or cash donation.

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