Online pediatrics workshop for health workers

November 26, 2021


Australia’s Monash University yesterday delivered an online essential pediatric care course to staff at Angau Memorial Hospital.

The online course was delivered to pediatric nurses, community health professionals and some physicians through JID’s clinical support program.

Norah Hau’ofa, Phase II manager of the JID’s clinical support program, said the course is designed to aid in the education and retraining of the pediatric health workforce and is in conjunction with Monash’s Children’s Hospital Simulation, the pediatric working group in the hospital and JID.

“The course is designed so that participants can access online theoretical learning materials, with each participant having access to their own Monash University learning system accounts and accessible over the Internet,” she said.

“The JID CSP team has worked closely with Monash University and the Angau team to ensure that all pediatric staff have an online account to access the online platform.”

She said CSP’s hands-on workshop included participants participating in simulation activities by using equipment to demonstrate learned clinical skills.

“Participants used a mannequin to demonstrate clinical CPR skills or to observe and demonstrate their understanding of treating a patient with pneumonia and diarrhea,” she said.

She said participants were shown a video to demonstrate appropriate clinical techniques and were also able to express their views at the end of the training.

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