On your mark, get set, roll! Pumpkin Derby raises money for fight against cancer

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Halloween is almost here and many people are carving their pumpkins.

In Watertown, others race it.

It was a great pumpkin derby! Kids, teens and adults made their own speedster gourds, which sent them flying over Rand Drive.

Prizes and trophies went to the fastest pumpkins to finish. It’s an idea that organizer Teri Walters came up with to watch The Travel Channel with her husband. A show highlighted another town where a huge pumpkin derby was held.

“My husband and I literally stopped, looked at each other, pointed our fingers at each other and said, ‘We should, because the north of the American Cancer Society is turning pink,'” Walters said.

All proceeds from the derby go to the fight against breast cancer. About 14 racers took part in the event.

So how do you make a quick gourd? Organizers say they recommend keeping the cart’s wheels away from the pumpkin so they don’t rub and slow you down. Shaving the bottom of the pumpkin will give it more stability.

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