On eldest’s 5th birthday, Ron DeSantis says Casey DeSantis still managing breast cancer

government Ron DeSantis says First Lady Casey DeSantis continues to manage her breast cancer diagnosis.

The Governor’s Office has Casey DeSantis’ cancer diagnosis last month to an outpouring of bipartisan support. Monday at a Daily’s gas station in Jacksonville, during a press conference announcing the governor’s planned plans $1 billion in gas tax relief, the founder of Daily Aubrey Edge became the last to publicly offer his prayers and best wishes to the First Lady.

“We appreciate the prayers for my wife,” the governor replied. “It’s not easy to keep going. She handles it about as well as I think anyone could, so we’re looking at it day by day.”

Casey, 41, is an Emmy Award winning TV host. The DeSantises married in 2010 and have three children, Madison, Mason and mommy.

After DeSantis’ election in 2018, the First Family became the first since the 1970s to have young children when they moved to the Governor’s Mansion the following January. Mamie DeSantis was the first baby in decades to be born in the governor’s house.

“We have a lot of kids to raise, so it’s tough,” DeSantis said last month when he opened more about his wife’s diagnosis.

Madison, the oldest, turned 5 on Monday.

“Today is actually my daughter’s fifth birthday,” DeSantis said. “So when we’re done here, we’ll go back to Tallahassee. We have a lot on the agenda for her, and I know she’s very, very excited.”

Casey DeSantis, of Troy, Ohio, was a television host in Jacksonville before her husband entered politics. That included working for the PGA Tour as a producer and on-air host.

Now Casey DeSantis is an advocate for mental health awareness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In February, she unveiled a campaign to improve mental resilience in children who would later include humans, including Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Tom Brady.

She also led initiatives such as Hope for Healing, which she launched in May 2019 to address mental illness and substance abuse, with a focus on children, veterans and first responders.

Casey DeSantis came into the national political spotlight during her husband’s 2018 governor campaign. In an ad that attracted national media attention, she highlighted the connection between her husband and the then-president. Donald Trump, who had endorsed DeSantis in the Republican Primary. The governor has since made no comparisons to the former president.

Ron DeSantis hopes to win a second term in 2022.

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