New Staten Island pediatric practice opens during pandemic

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Growing up, Dr. Vladimir Barayev, 33, fascinated by the scientific approach to building better health.

“I have a passion for preventing diseases before they even start. Preventive care offers the most benefits to people because of the years of suffering that can be avoided. Many of the diseases faced by adults have their origins in childhood, ”he said.

“To help my community thrive, I have felt a utilitarian need to do the most good for people, so I decided to pursue a career where I could interact with families while their children are young,” added Dr. Barayev, who is a Doctor of Medicine from New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY and has been a pediatrician for over nine years.

He opened his first private practice, Rivertowns Pediatrics of Staten Island in Concord – a venture he has been considering since 2018 – in February amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

“I opened this practice to provide high quality pediatric care by focusing on a personal relationship with the doctor. Raising a child is difficult, medicine is complex, and all families deserve a responsive and reliable physician, ”said Dr. Barayev, who has worked as a pediatrician in Hamilton Heights, NY and at The Community Health Center in Port Richmond.

Dr. Vladimir Barayev opened his first private practice, Rivertowns Pediatrics of Staten Island in Concord – a venture he has been considering since 2018 – in February amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (Thanks to Dr. Vladimir Barayev)

With so many people reluctant to attend in-person doctor visits, the pandemic gave him the push he needed to open his own children’s practice.

“This pandemic has caused many problems for many people. Many children have fallen behind in their routine well care visits because they were afraid of entering a doctor’s office, ”said Dr. Barayev. “My ability to provide home visits, virtual visits, and text messaging will help with some of those fears.”

Since opening, he said the number of virtual visits has risen dramatically, as has the anxiety and stress associated with the pandemic in the community. “I feel that being available to families during this historically troubled time is more important now than ever,” said Barayev.

He said he also wanted to have his practice before the end of the pandemic – a time when he suspects people will have to bust their health care system.

“People were scared to come to doctors’ offices, so many people are delayed in routine immunizations and checkups for their children,” said Dr. Barayev.

And its goal is to provide healthcare “in a modern way” to busy families.

“With my own practice I can do things that were previously unimaginable. I offer home visits; families can text, call, or email me at any time with questions; my appointments are long enough to explore daily habits and routines, and I make sure families feel fully heard. I am able to provide each family with the individualized attention and time they deserve, ”he said.


Dr. Barayev said what he likes most about being a pediatrician is “seeing in the eyes of a parent that your care for their child is authentic and that you treat their child as if it were your own.”

“I always feel humbled by the trust families have given me over the years. That trust is really something special that I never take for granted. It keeps me motivated to keep working to provide the best possible care that I have come to expect from my doctor, ”he added.


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