N.C. county EMS selected to take part in UNC Chapel Hill pediatric care training program

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HENDERSON, NC — Vance County’s ability to meet children’s emergency medical needs will be refined over the next two years, thanks to a collaboration between EMS staff and UNC Chapel Hill’s emergency medicine department.

On Tuesday, UNC officials announced that Vance County EMS had been selected to participate in the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators Plus program, which will provide specialized pediatric training, educational opportunities and online courses to Vance County EMS providers.

Javier Plummer, director of Vance County’s Emergency Medical Services, said the selection gives the county service “an opportunity for us to keep abreast of new developments in pediatric care at home and abroad.”

He pointed out that caring for children is different from caring for adults.

“They are still in development,” he says. “Their bone structure is softer, not as developed as an adult’s.”

Children play sports, cycle and are active in many ways that can lead to injuries, he said.

Vance County EMS was one of 12 agencies in the state chosen to participate in the highly selective program.

Kris Talley, field training officer/paramedic and assistant shift supervisor for Vance County EMS, will coordinate the program’s local activities.

“The reason I was interested in a [pediatric emergency care coordinator] is the ability to bring training and knowledge back to my department,” Talley said, as quoted in UNC’s announcement. pediatrics but also that of my department.”

In July, Talley attended a full-day teaching meeting in Chapel Hill with representatives from the other participating ambulance services to prepare for the new program.

They participated in seminars on special topics in pediatric care and participated in hands-on training with both live actors and simulation tools.

Data on the project will be managed by ESO Solutions Inc., which will develop tools to quickly provide participants with information that can help them assess and improve performance.

Researchers at UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine developed the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators Plus program in conjunction with the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services. Funding comes from a unit of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The program officially starts on September 1 and lasts for two years.


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