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When Becky Pinter, current president of the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund, first volunteered to help the organization, she didn’t know what they were doing. She was a high school student and the father of a friend who worked for the MACC Fund asked her to help.

“I was raised to help and volunteer when I could,” says Pinter.

When she went to the fundraiser, she learned more about the Fund’s mission and realized how important it was.

The MACC Fund raises money for pediatric cancer research – specifically for research hospitals in Wisconsin – with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for childhood cancer and related blood disorders. The money will help fund innovative clinical trials and more.

The impact of such research has been enormous in recent decades, as evidenced by the five-year survival rate of childhood cancer. When the MACC Fund was established in 1976, the percentage was 20%. It is now over 80% and some leukemias are over 90%.

Photo courtesy of the MACC Fund

“The research doesn’t just stay in Southeast Wisconsin,” Pinter says. “The whole world benefits from the excellent research we fund. A new drug found at Children’s [Wisconsin] can be used anywhere.”

After graduating from college, Pinter joined the board of Women for MACC, and when the fund’s president and CEO opened in 2007, she won the job. In the years since, she has raised millions for childhood cancer research.

In 2019, the fund has pledged to donate $25 million to Children’s Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin and $10 million to the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.

“It’s such a blessing” [for families] to see that kids can go to school, go home, graduate, go to college, get married, and start a family of their own,” Pinter says. “So many have been able to experience that thanks to what the MACC Fund has done and the money we have raised.”

What we do:

The MACC Fund raises money for research into childhood cancer and related blood disorders, with the aim of finding a cure for childhood cancer. Over 45 years, the fund has contributed more than $70 million to childhood cancer research.

Where your money goes:

83% of all money raised by the MACC fund goes directly to childhood cancer research. 25% of the MACC Fund’s annual income comes from individual and corporate donations, while 75% comes from fundraising events.

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