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When the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society nominated me for the title of Man of the Year, I immediately accepted. Well, I was hesitant at first because I’m not a good fundraiser. I hate it, or maybe I’m shy about asking for charity donations from people. But then I realized how important this organization has been to millions of people, especially children. I have a soft spot for sick children. I think they should all grow up happy and disease free. But unfortunately, that’s just a fantasy of mine. Many children suffer from all types of cancer and my heart goes out for them.

And another reason for me was the death of my aunt and cousin, who died within days of each other. My aunt from COVID and my cousin from her long-fought battle with ovarian cancer. I couldn’t go back home last year, so in my own way, I try to do my part to honor them.

So will you join me in my fight against blood cancer? Click here to donate and / or join our fundraising team!

Together we can end blood cancer for good.

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