London, Ont. superheroes surprise boy battling cancer

London, Dec. –

It was a magical Wednesday night for a young Meaford boy battling cancer at the London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) Children’s Hospital.

Harrison Haney briefly stepped out of the hospital’s main entrance and was immediately greeted by a line of superheroes across the street.

And his heroes had a message when they sang “Happy Birthday.” Harrison is now five years old

Unfortunately, he spent most of his day in the hospital as he continues to battle Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare cancer.

He has been with LHSC since early May. His parents and sister moved to London to accommodate his treatments.

But enter his “Aunt T,” or as she’s also known, Tracey Elliott.

Tracey, a GTA native, wanted to make Harrison’s birthday special. So she asked Londoners with a superhero alter ego to come out dressed up to celebrate the day.

Elliott says the Harrison family has been overwhelmed by the response.

Some of the superheroes who came together to support Harrison Haney of Medford, who is battling cancer at London, Ontario Hospital. (Reid Lucier)

“What a great story especially in these times, strangers and COVID. We literally cried every day.”

Wonder Woman, aka Danielle Norris of Port Stanley, was one of the participants.

“I can’t even understand what the family is going through. But I can offer empathy and we can offer our support because he is such a survivor and it’s great to give him such a gift for his birthday.”

And though the visit was cut short by a shower of wet weather that only Aquaman would enjoy, Harrison left with a smile.

According to his uncle Michael Haney, the visit was a boost for his family.

“It was hard to hold it together and watch my brother come down. It’s not where we want to be, but it’s been great to have people with us, that’s for sure.”

But on this night, the self-proclaimed Spider-Man from London, Eric Terry, says his super friends wouldn’t want to use their powers anywhere else.

“This man (Harrison) absolutely deserves to have an entourage of heroes here for his birthday. I absolutely had to be here today so he knows he’s loved.”

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