Local pediatricians seeing spike in pediatric COVID-19 cases

TUCSON (KVOA) – Local pediatricians report that more children’s ICUs are filling up with sicker children due to COVID-19.

“Yesterday we had 150 cases of the K-12 reports, 25 percent of them are staff or faculty and 75 percent are children,” said Dr. Theresa Cullen, director of the Pima County health department.

dr. Cullen said the number of pediatric COVID-19 cases has doubled since last year. Especially now that the kids are back to school.

“People who haven’t been vaccinated like that whole cohort up to 11 years old are more likely to spread once the infection gets into that school or group of kids,” Cullen said.

“We’re seeing families being affected, we’re seeing younger children with positive tests,” says Dr. Sandy Herron of Tanque Verde Pediatrics.

dr. Herron said the symptoms are different in children than in adults.

“We see sore throat, congestion, vomiting, that’s the wide range we see,” Herron said.

Health experts shared the best way to reduce the spread as the school year kicks off.

“Wearing a mask is the most effective thing you can do to reduce the spread and potential transmission or contraction of COVID,” Herron said.

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