Local Nonprofits Work Together To Give Children Fighting Cancer A Reason To Smile

Volunteers and firefighters from the Tulsa Fire Department have packed the aisles to buy toys, bicycles and electronics for 43 children fighting cancer.

It is part of a “Spring Fling” shopping event hosted by Tulsa Metro Women on Fire and Hydrants of Hope.

The event was created by firefighter Mark Meyer, who died of cancer in 2019.

Meyer’s daughter, Kinsey Blunt, knows how hard it can be to watch a loved one fight cancer.

“It was just a relief to have an outlet and to have people taking our minds off things and fun things to do,” said Blunt. “So to be able to give that outlet to some kids will be great.”

Blunt said Meyer started Hydrants of Hope with $ 3,000 out of pocket. She is proud to be able to carry her father’s legacy in more ways than one.

“That’s the beginning of this whole thing, trying to give back to those kids,” said Blunt. “Give them a childhood they won’t have.”

Since the charity began in 2012, more than $ 175,000 has been donated to St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

Blunt said it is the volunteers who keep the cause alive.

“You know I hope they think it’s worth it,” said Blunt. ‘I know that for sure. They keep showing up year after year to help us and we couldn’t be more grateful for their help. ‘

The charities will hand out the items to the children on April 24.

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