Little Star Foundation Receives Support From an Amazing Friendship to Endure Critical Times

Kevin Costner has joined forces with the legendary Andrea Jaeger to help children in need.

Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger recent visit

Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger recent visit

Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger recent visit

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Andrea Jaeger’s Little Star Foundation, a registered nonprofit that provides long-term care for children with cancer and children in need, has received significant support from acclaimed actor Kevin Costner. Costner has made it a life mission to help the foundation; he is known to share this personal passion and support with the audience he has amassed over the decades.

A former teenage professional tennis phenom, Andrea Jaeger rose to fame in the early 1980s when she became the #2 ranked professional tennis player in the world at the age of 16. However, Jaeger is best known for being one of the first professional athletes who made a living helping children with cancer and children in need. Jaeger devoted all her professional tennis earnings to this cause, forever changing the scope of athletes and their role in philanthropic work.

Her award-winning passion for spreading awareness and raising donations has fueled the Little Star Foundation, which now helps children, their families and their local communities with financial aid, educational services, medical support, therapeutic play and outreach care programs.

“I am grateful that tennis has given me the opportunity to see the world so that I can use my abilities to help others, and that God has given me the lifelong calling to make a difference in the lives of children” said Jaeger. “Doing everything to make a difference is not easy, but it is important. Every dollar can improve the life of a child and a family. With friends and the kindness of strangers in the world, it is amazing what we can do together We become one big caring family doing our part to brighten up the world.”

Jaeger and Costner hope that their inspiring friendship and joint efforts will help them find more people to support the Little Star Foundation’s mission.

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“You have a great story. It’s not easy being that person when all the chips are against you to be brave, to stand for your ideas,” Costner said of Jaeger’s work with Little Star Foundation. “When you see it on the screen, go, I hope I’m that guy. I hope I’m that girl.”

Costner’s films have brought in nearly $3 billion in box office receipts worldwide. He hopes to target that movie audience to drive global donations to the Little Star Foundation.

“Some of the things I’ve learned about life I’ve learned by watching movies,” Costner said at a Little Star Foundation event. “I’ll never forget this little girl singing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. When you see them do it, they’re alive. They may be more alive than you and me. So we have to give them that chance, and if you can help us, that’s a thank you.”

Hear directly from Kevin Costner, Andrea Jaeger and the kids of Little Star Foundation – together we can do great things.

During this gifting time of the year, join Costner and Jaeger to donate to the Little Star Foundation — now supporting 38 states and worldwide. Visit for more information.

About the Little Star Foundation

Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need. Founded by former professional tennis player Andrea Jaeger.

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Little Star Foundation
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