Las Cruces family celebrates weekend college graduations of mom and her 2 kids

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LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – It’s graduation weekend, a special time for not only the graduates but their family and friends as well. One Las Cruces family has an amazing story of how graduation weekend really is a family affair.

Eugene Montoya is a proud husband and father because while watching your child graduate from college is one thing, it’s another thing to see two kids graduate on the same weekend.

That is amazing! But what about two children and your wife? Now you understand why Montoya is both a proud husband and father.

His wife Lilliana graduated from New Mexico State University with her undergraduate degree, while their daughter Kelsey graduated from NMSU with her master’s degree in biology and their son Zachary attended the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

You may be wondering why Lilliana graduated at the same time as her two children. That’s where the story is even more incredible.

She was due to graduate in 2017, but then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She dropped out of school for two years to beat it, and has now completed her degree in individual studies – allowing her to pursue her goal of becoming a teacher.

The Montoya family is originally from El Paso and Lilliana is a graduate of Jefferson High School. But the family has lived in Las Cruces for 25 years.

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