Knox County church hosts pediatric COVID-19 vaccine clinic for families

More than 600 people signed up for the drive-through event, giving families a chance to stay safe and healthy.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Families gathered at Shoreline Church Saturday morning, but it was not for the service. Instead, they lined up for a drive-through event so that entire families could be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Now that federal health officials have approved the COVID-19 vaccine for children, families can be vaccinated together. More than 600 people signed up for the event and cars filled the church parking lot with families rolling up their sleeves.

“This is our chance, we’ve been waiting for this vaccine for months now,” said Mary Thompson, the site manager at the event. “In preparation for the holidays, we just want our families to be able to get back together and the kids getting this vaccine is one step further.”

The event was organized with the help of Summit Medical and Shults Pediatrics. In addition to regular vaccinations, they also provided a distraction for children who were nervous about getting a shot.

“We work in pediatrics and have learned that you have to have multiple outlets to distract the child when they’re getting something they don’t necessarily want to get,” Thompson said. “We have bubbles, stickers, we have suckers to hand out while we give the vaccine.”

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