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OREANA, Ill. (WALL) – Jasper Swafford’s brave battle with cancer last March, after he lapsed again during his treatments.

“It was promising that we went back to sleep at midnight and about two hours later they woke us up and said his heart was giving out,” said Jasper’s father Tommy.

Doctors told Jasper’s parents that his heart had been going through too much with all the different procedures he was doing. Tommy and Jasper’s mother Tricia made the difficult decision to get Jasper off his ventilator.

‘How did we get here, for example? Six hours ago, we were hopeful to know that we sign, don’t resist papers, ”said Tommy Swafford.

At 9:29 am on March 30, Jasper’s journey on this earth came to an end.

“Jasper was a little boy full of life, energy and love. He loved everyone,” said Tommy Swafford.

Jasper spent most of his life in a hospital during a pandemic. It’s a life the sword could never have imagined.

“I wouldn’t wish it my worst enemy. It makes you sad because he couldn’t do the things normal kids do. He didn’t walk, he couldn’t swing in his swing,” said Tricia Swafford.

Shortly after Jasper’s death, his father posted Tommy on Facebook – a promise to Jasper – that he and his mother Tricia would continue the Voyage for him.

“Our kids only get four percent for cancer research funding and we think they’re worth more than that. So if we have to run and attend events to make up for that difference, that’s what we’re going to do,” Tommy Swafford.

Jasper is one of 2,000 children who will die of cancer this year. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death for children in the US.

“We’ve been following so many kids stories all over the world that have cancer. It’s just reliving all those emotions and it’s super hard, but somebody has to do it. These kids have no voice, Jasper can’t.” I don’t talk. He had no voice, so we have to be his voice. We have to be the voice of those other kids, “said Tommy Swafford.

Jasper made his love very clear for Buzz, Woody and the movie ‘Toy Story’. There were several Toy Story-related items at his funeral. The movie – a symbol of the Swafford family moving forward in a life without Jasper.

“Andy gave his toys away and he went into a new life and it kind of foreshadowed what we’re going through. He will always be our little buddy,” said Swafford.

The Swafford family has scheduled a fundraiser for July 10. All proceeds will go to St. Judes Hospital for children fighting cancer. You can read more about the event on their Face Book page, Jasper’s Journey.

You can watch the full story on WAND’s Facebook page.

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