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Merida Yucatan, (May 7, 2021). – The Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer (Amanc) has initiated a two-month fundraising campaign through a completion that will include a total of 700 OXXO convenience stores from Campeche and Yucatán.

Marisa Goff Rodríguez, president of Amanc-Yucatán, said the money will be used for the construction of the new building that will be built on the former Chetumalito site in the Bojórquez district of Mèrida.

The project of the new shelter was developed in 2020 during the pandemic, plans for the building have been completed and can cost up to 12 million pesos. The new shelter will be able to provide comprehensive care for the children and their families coming to Amanc, as the current facilities, in the former Red Cross building in the Historic Center, have exceeded their requirements.

Goff Rodríguez emphasized that even with the pandemic, care for children with cancer was maintained, in addition to the fact that the demand and demand for drugs increased due to the lack of conditions in hospitals in the health sector.

She explained that Amanc attends 270 children annually who come from the states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo and even Belize. She emphasized that in 2020 much of the economic resources used were focused on the purchase of medicines, with expenditures of up to 360,000 pesos.

She pointed out that the shortage of cancer drugs continues, the problem is that the organization is providing assistance, but the shortage and excessive proliferation of these essential products for the survival of children is becoming critically complicated.

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Last year, prices of cancer drugs soared to 300 percent, forcing institutions to fight for more resources, and thanks to donors and sponsors they can achieve their goals.

Amanc actively cares for about 140 babies and follows 130 others who have overcome this deadly disease. In total, it serves a population of 270 infants to whom it provides medical care, financial support and medicine.

“It is a common occurrence for health sector institutions to report drug shortages and therefore resort to sponsors, friends and support groups to get products that have prices in the mainstream market that are higher than 1,500 pesos per product,” she concluded. .

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