How Tempered Glass is Different from Other Glass Options

When it comes time to explore all the options available to your building project, there may be one detail that can slip through… the type of glass you will be using. We have a few compelling reasons to choose tempered glass.

Tempered glass differs from other types of glass available in the market mainly because it is designed with enhanced safety features. This type of glass is made by undergoing a process that involves grinding sharp edges, a heat treatment process through a tempering furnace, after which the glass undergoes a high-pressure cooling procedure called “quenching”. According to Scientific American“Another approach to making toughened glass is chemical tempering, where different chemicals exchange ions on the surface of the glass to create compression. But because this method costs much more than using tempering furnaces and quenching, it is not widely used.”

This makes the glass considerably stronger than other types. Let’s take a look at what tempered glass is and what to look for when it comes time to replace your windows.

What you need to know about tempered glass

So what are the benefits of using tempered glass for your replacement windows?


Let us first discuss the alternative to tempered glass and that is startar glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than standard glass due to a special coating. Standard glass breaks into large, irregularly shaped shards. Tempered glass is known for its safety because, unlike regular glass, it breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces when broken.

Tempered glass is used in a number of ways, including on laptops and smartphones, in kitchen appliances, in sports arenas, and through many other applications. Our favorite application is in construction projects. Tempered glass is used for shower doors, bathtubs, sliding doors, windows, skylights, swimming pools and more!


Because toughened windows are made to reduce injury, they are required in certain areas of your home under the California Building Code.

  • Any door in your house that has glass
  • Any window within 2′ of a door
  • Any window within 60″ of a drain, tub, or shower
  • Any window within 18 inches of the floor
  • Within 5′ of a hot tub


Tempered glass comes with high impact resistance and suppleness as it is designed to bounce off sharp edges when broken rather than shatter into large dangerous shards. In addition, the film layer used in these windows is designed to give them a strength rating of 4.7 (out of 5) on the Mohs scale, which tests for hardness minerals numbered 1 through 10. This makes it a of the most substantial available glass on the market today – and because it is also shock resistant, it saves you money and reduces your risk of injury in the long term.

Because it’s made of sturdy materials, tempered glass is also very durable – that means you don’t have to worry about short-term replacement! In addition, because this type of product comes with a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer guarantees it will last for decades if properly maintained and treated.


You may think that tempered glass is not much different from other types of glass, but it is actually designed with a higher level of safety than other products. The film layer in the glass is four times stronger than standard safety glass. Tempered glass also comes with anti-shatter edges, meaning it breaks into small round pieces instead of huge shards when shattered. This means that you and your family members are much less likely to be injured if a window in your home breaks unexpectedly.

In addition, this type of glass breaks into round pieces than other types, making it safer for children and pets. Larger shards of glass can be harmful to your little ones when they play or run around the house, but tempered glass reduces the risk of injury – and it’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about contact with harmful chemicals if you get cut .


By hiring professionals to replace and properly install your windows, you can protect yourself from harsh weather conditions and also reduce energy costs over time – making this an ideal investment for your home. These features make it one of the best types of products on the market today, which is why it is such a popular choice among homeowners looking for replacement windows and doors.


Determining whether the glass in your home is toughened is very simple. There is a stamp in the corner of all tempered glass windows and doors. It is usually found in one of the lower corners. This stamp is applied by the manufacturer and proves to inspectors and homeowners that the glass is indeed toughened.

If you are looking for new frames or replacement frames, we would like to hear from you. At Newman Windows and Doors, your safety and security are our top priority. That’s why we can help you determine the best type of window or door for your home.

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