Helping Hands 2021: Children, teachers reach out to help others | Local News

— Fourth grader, Nuestro Mundo Elementary. Fourth graders Chance Tyler and Martin Sanchez also wrote about this student.

Lee Mueller, Fifth Grader, Lodi Elementary, Lodic

Carson Schmudlach, a junior at Lodi High School, is battling cancer for the second time and this time it’s twice worse. Our whole community has tried to find him happiness and everyone hopes that he will fight cancer again.

— Lee Mueller, fifth grader, Lodi Elementary, Lodi. Helping Hands also received letters about Carson from fifth-graders Olivia Szlapka, Emma Karls, Anna Gilles, George Hauser, Amelia Koszylko, Kayson Mack, Trevor Reese, Tristan Skrum, Nathan Wenger, Ayla Bahr, Olivia Pharo and Jamison Millin. Many students at the Ouisconsing School of Collaboration in Lodi also wrote about Carson.

Noah Lange

Elli Moen

Maddox Fisher

Treaton Loeffelholz

Sam Lundell

Everett room

If I had $200 this vacation time of year, I would help someone at my school who has a large family and has been going through some tough times. He is always happy no matter what happens. It would be great if you could give the money to his family to make their vacation a little brighter.

— Noah Lange, eighth grade, Iowa-Grant Schools. Eighth graders Elli Moen, Maddox Fisher, Treaton Loeffelholz, Sam Lundell and Everett Zimmer also wrote about this student.

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