Health Tips Tuesday: Childhood Caner awareness | News

This week we are talking about childhood cancer, as September is the month to prevent cancer in children.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)– This week we’ve been talking about childhood cancer, as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We sat down with Dr. Matthew Richardson, the chief of pediatric hematology and oncology at Baystate.

Childhood cancer is the number one cause of death in children. What do you want our viewers to know about childhood cancer?

Cancer in children is very different from cancer in adults. The type of cancer they get and many of the treatments are very, very different from adult cancers. There is a lot of optimism and success in childhood cancer, with more than 60 percent of childhood cancers being cured.

What is the purpose of a month’s awareness?

It is to make the general population aware that although this condition is rare and affects only a handful of children in our communities, the impact is huge for the child and for the family and we continue to push for research to find a cure and the best treatments.

How can people participate?

If you know a family of a child going through cancer, be a good friend or neighbor and support them. Support your local pediatric oncology program. at Baystate Children’s Hospital, there is the Children’s Cancer Hope Fund that supports and improves our programs, and participates in clinical research.

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