Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Local pediatrician talks symptoms, treatments

As school begins, doctors are warning of potential illnesses that can be passed from student to student.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral illness that most commonly affects infants and children.

It usually looks like a rash on the hands, feet and mouth, and can take three to five days to show up after exposure.

Pediatrician Evan Rogler said children may also experience other symptoms before the rash sets in.

“Usually a child complaining of a mouth or sore throat,” Rogler said. “If they can talk and if they don’t then you just don’t eat or drink like they normally would and that’s because one of the symptoms that kids can get is mouth sores or lesions in the mouth that cause a lot of pain and discomfort.”

dr. Rogler said the disease can be treated with ibuprofen or similar pain relievers. But the most important thing is to make sure that the child stays hydrated as his body works through the disease.

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