HALO Diagnostics Expands Radiation-Free, Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment to Imaging Centers Nationwide

HOUSTON, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A radiation-free, minimally invasive, image-guided procedure that targets and kills prostate cancer cells is now available in more imaging centers operated by HALO Diagnostics (HALO Dx), a leader in advanced diagnostics for early detection of cancer.

The radiation-free, image-guided prostate cancer treatment, TULSA-PRO, is now available at a laser focal therapy center.

This procedure from Profound Medical Corp (Profound), known as TULSA-PRO®, is performed in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite. It combines real-time MRI and robotic transurethral ultrasound technology to locate and destroy prostate cancer cells with ablation — a process that delivers a focused beam at a high temperature. Doctors can see the prostate at any time. This view protects the urethra and rectum from accidental impact, protects the patient’s natural functions and reduces the risk of incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

By including TULSA-PRO®, HALO Dx increases the number of individualized services it can provide to patients with prostate cancer. HALO Dx has a 14-year history of pioneering another minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment, Focal Laser Treatment, which also significantly reduces side effects. The addition of TULSA-PRO® makes HALO Dx the first nationwide center to offer both procedures.

“Every patient is unique and treatment should fit each man’s diagnosis and lifestyle,” says Ara Karamanaian, MD, head of the HALO Men’s Prostate Program. “Men have come to HALO Diagnostics for Focal Laser Therapy from all over the world and now we offer two options – not just one.”

The addition of TULSA-PRO® is accomplished through a multi-site agreement with Profound, a commercial-stage medical device company that develops and markets adaptable, minimally invasive therapies for diseased tissue ablation.

“With these early detection tools and breakthrough therapies, HALO Dx brings the same proactive health care for men that mammograms have provided women for decades,” said John Feller, MD, Chief Medical Officer of HALO Dx.

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“We are changing the treatment paradigm for prostate cancer treatment. As a pioneer in prostate cancer therapies, HALO Dx offers MR imaging under two energy options that give men a choice,” he said. “Each option gives men confidence that they will maintain their current lifestyle. We are focused on delivering personalized and precision-focused healthcare for our patients.”

This move also means an expansion for Profound. HALO Dx currently offers TULSA-PRO® at its prostate laser center in Houston, with service expansion planned for additional imaging centers.

“We are excited to expand TULSA-PRO’s reach in the Houston market with HALO Diagnostics,” said Abbey Goodman, Profound’s Vice President of Sales. “We believe it will be a strong partnership as Halo’s mission to deliver life-changing patient experiences, insights and outcomes align with ours.”

TULSA-PRO® has received approval from the US Food & Drug Administration 510(k). It has also received the CE mark in Europe as well as Health Canada approval.

About HALO Diagnosis
At HALO Diagnostics (HALO Dx), we recognize that every patient is unique. Our focus is on early detection and precision healthcare, preventing and overcoming the major health diseases that have a geometric impact on patient outcomes. We achieve this with a personalized diagnostic ensemble, including advanced imaging, genomics, non-invasive liquid biomarkers and community-based data at scale combined with deep learning algorithms. By optimizing all of these solutions under the HALO Dx platform, we provide fast, accurate, actionable results to enable physicians’ life-changing treatments for their patients.

HALO Dx is a pioneer and recognized industry leader in men’s and women’s health, as evidenced by all the lives we’ve impacted over the past 10 years. HALO Dx operates sixteen imaging centers in California, Texas, Florida and has partnerships with more than 50 centers nationwide.


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